Handicap System Pricing

About 50 cents per golfer per month

Add golfers in 25 increments to track any number of golfers.
Golfers Per Month
1-25 $15
26-50 $25
51-75 $37.50
76-100 $50
101-125 $62.50
126-150 $75
151-175 $87.50
176-200 $100
201 or more See below...

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Pricing FAQs

How is my monthly fee determined?

Your monthly fee is based on how many golfers you are tracking. You can add and remove golfers any time.

Our group has several "inactive" golfers. Do I have to pay for them?

No, you only pay for active golfers. When you "remove" a golfer from the service they are archived (become "inactive") and no longer count towards the number of golfers you are tracking. Note: Inactive golfers can be re-activated at any time.

What if I track 501 golfers one month, and drop down to 499 the next? How will I be charged?

You can add and decrease golfers in units of 25 at any time.


We don't play all year long. Can my group cancel our subscription and restart later?

Yes, you can cancel any time. When you want to restart, you can reactivate your account. We maintain your data for one year from the cancel date.

Our group wants to pay yearly, not monthly...can we prepay for a year?

Yes, you can pay for any number of months in advance. Any group that pays for 12 or more months in advance, receives 1 month free.

Are there any extra charges?



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